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I'm concerned about privacy - Why should I grant read access to my email inbox?

You have valid concerns about email privacy. We request read access to all your emails to filter out the ones from Venmo/HDFC and display them as an option for you in the UI. All this is done on the client side. It's important to note that, all your emails never leave your client device. Additionally, our code is fully open source, allowing you to review it personally to ensure its integrity and the privacy-preserving nature of its operations.

Notarizing endpoints

I'm concerned that I'm giving the Notary access to all of my data when I'm on a website.

When the notary views your data from the endpoint all data not required for a successful on-chain transaction is blinded. As part of the extension logic we redact all data except the required fields which prevents any additional account details being leaked other than data related to a transaction.

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