🔄Smart Contract Flows and Concepts

Description of Smart Contracts, Flows, and Important Concepts


Ramp contracts contains the business logic for the protocol. Each integrated payment network has it's own Ramp contract that adheres to the specific needs of the payment network. Generally these differences arise due to differences in data richness for each network's emails.


Processors are contracts that validate and extract relevant data from proofs submitted to the system. Each flow that requires a proof (register and onRamp) has it's own matching processor.

Adapters and Registries

Key Hash Adapters

Key Hash Adapters are contracts that act as "oracles" for the hash of a given service's public key. We use an adapter because we want to be able to change the source in order to ultimately move towards more decentralized sources of public key hashes.

Nullifier Registry

The Nullifier Registry stores hashes of previously used e-mails so that they can't be reused. Only approved addresses can write to the registry, in this case the VenmoSendProcessor is the only contract allowed to write to the Nullifier Registry.

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